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Mobilus autokranas Guve GMK 5180

Mobile crane Grove GMK 5180

Maximum lifting capacity 180 tons
Telescopic boom length up to 60 meters
Maximum lifting radius 54 meters with cargo up to 3,7 tons


Automated metal cutting using plasma and gas cutters

Cutting area 12000 x 4000 mm
t ≤ 30 mm using plasma arc
t ≤ 100 mm using gas arc

Automatic pipe welding

Automated pipe welding

Welding type – Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), with/without filler rod use
Outside pipe diameter 21 mm to 323 mm
Pipe wall thickness 2 mm to 20 mm

VSR metodas

Residual stress relief using VSR method

Vibratory Stress Relief (VSR) is residual stress relief in structural steel weldments using vibration energy. This technology partly replaces thermal relief of residual stresses. Vibratory treatment can be used both during and after welding. Use of the VSR method helps to reduce peaks in residual welding stresses up to 80 %. This procedure can be applied to structures of up to 18 tons in weight.


Automatinis rezervuarų suvirinimas



Automatic girth welder (AGW-I)


AGW-I automated submerged arc welding ensures quality and speedy installation of storage tanks. Application of this technology shortens the installation time required up to 25 %.



Automatizuotas metalo profilių valymas sratų srautu


Metalinių gaminių valymo kamera


Automatinis slėginių indų suvirinimas