Quality assurance

To remain competitive in the business market, to meet clients' needs, to fulfil and even exceed their expectations the company puts a prime focus on its quality management.

The company’s quality management system was first certified in 1998.

For many years now a smooth company management, prompt and constructive response to changes, and flexible revision of internal processes helps us to fulfil our obligations to clients in a timely and quality manner and to offer the best solutions.

The company achieves these aims by using an integrated management system which includes quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001) management systems.

Requirements of these management standards not only oblige the company to take care of the quality, environmental and occupational health and safety. They also encourage us to constantly improve our activities, apply the state of the art technologies, expand our working field, to provide services and produce construction materials adhering to the most stringent European Union requirements.

  • Quality Management System standard ISO 9001 certificate No. 125004-2012-AQ-LTU-FINAS
  • Environmental Management System standard ISO 14001 certificate No. 50804-2009-AE-LTU-FINAS
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard OHSAS 18001 certificate No. 62071-2009-AHSO-LTU-FINAS
  • Qualification certificate Nr. 0234
  • Welding Quality Assurance System Standard EN ISO 3834-2 certificate No. 04-04-22
  • State Energy Inspectorate certificates Nr. T-0041, GD-0014, N-0014 and SND-0019
  • License for activities with the sources of ionising radiation No. 0115
  • Welded steel structures production control system standard EN 1090-1 certificate No. 2268-CPR-034
  • EC Certificate of Factory Production Control for free-standing steel chimneys in compliance with EN 13084-7 certificate No. 2268-CPR-158
  • Permanent licence for supervising potentially hazardous lifting devices No. 38

14001.PNG 45001.PNG 9001.PNG
Kvalifikacijos atestatas EN ISO 3834-2 EN ISO 3834-2 priedas
T-0041 T-0041 priedas N-0014
N-0014 priedas GD-0014 GD-0014 priedas
SND-0019 SND-0019 priedas PPĮ priežiūros licencija
EN 1090 EN 13084-7