Non-destructive testing laboratory

An accredited non-destructive testing laboratory of AB Montuotojas performs testing of all types of potentialy hazardous equipment and structural steel, as well as weldments using the following methods:

VT – visual inspection;
RT – radiographic testing;
UT – ultrasonic testing;
PT – dye penetrant inspection;
MT – magnetic particle inspection;
LT – leak testing (using vacuum);
UTth – ultrasonic metal thickness measurement.

We also perform:

  • post-weld heat treatment (PWHT);
  • weldment pre-heating during welding;
  • metal hardness testing;
  • vibratory stress relief (VSR);
  • supervision of welding works;
  • welding procedure specification (WPS).

Our laboratory has:

  • Certificate of accreditation No. LA.01.140
  • License for activities with the sources of ionising radiation No. 0115;
  • Quality Management System standard ISO 9001 certificate No. 125004-2012-AQ-LTU-FINAS;
  • More than 10 highly qualified and certified specialists working in compliance with EN ISO 9712:2012 and PED 97/23/EC requirements;
  • Own equipment to perform the above-listed works.

For orders:

Tel.            +370 618 88 306